iOS & OS X Privacy and Security

This course combines the iOS and OS X platforms, and allows the user to create an integrated secure platform.    Topics include all modules covered in both iOS and OS X Privacy and Security.

Course Length:  Five days

Course Capacity:  12 students

Devices:  Devices may be provided for students, or the course may be conducted on student/organization-owned devices. 

Pricing: Available upon request


iOS Privacy & Security

iOS Privacy & Security is Justin's most popular offering with both government and corporate clients.  The course delves deeply into the iOS ecosystem, considering every setting that impacts privacy or security.  iOS Privacy & Security also looks at a number of other topics, including the protection of data-at-rest and data-in-motion, securing your text, voice, and email message communications, and protecting your online accounts.  The course is a healthy mix of lecture, demonstration, and user participation.  Students walk away with a nuanced understanding of the privacy and security impact of each technique and setting on the iOS platform.  A partial list of topics and techniques includes:

  • Mobile Device Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Encryption, Passcode Selection, and TouchID
  • Authentication, Password Managers, and Account Security
  • iCloud, iTunes, and Securing Backups
  • Interface Settings and Considerations
  • Apps and App Best Practices
  • Privacy and Security Settings
  • Threat Modeling
  • Data-in-Motion and Virtual Private Networks
  • Encrypted Email, Voice, and Text Communications
  • Protecting Personal Information

Course Length:  Three days

Course Capacity:  12 Students

Equipment:  Devices may be provided for students, or the course may be conducted on student/organization-owned devices (or both).  If devices are provided students will be able to set device(s) up from scratch, and do so pseudo-anonymously.  Equipment loadout can include iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (model specified by user), iTunes gift cards (necessary for registering App Store account), and SIM card.

HandoutsYour Ultimate Security Guide: iOS by Justin Carroll

Pricing: Available upon request