Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS 10 is intended to help the layman with both basic digital security and in the development of a comprehensive digital security perimeter. Written in plain English, Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS takes a step-by-step approach to enhancing the security of your iOS devices and will help you reclaim some privacy in both the physical and digital realms. Some of the techniques readers of this book will understand how to employ include:

  • Hardening the iOS operating system by understanding and manipulating every setting that impacts security and/or privacy
  • Creating encrypted backups,
  • Understanding iCloud and increasing iCloud account security,
  • Employing apps that provide end-to-end encryption for your text, voice, email, and chat communications, and taking steps to mitigate location tracking and other metadata collection
  • Using “disposable” phone numbers to protect your real number from data marketers, telemarketers, and lower your online profile
  • Protect your internet browsing sessions by using HTTPS connections and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs),
  • Replacing a variety of insecure native apps with security- and privacy-focused alternatives
  • Employing best practices to lower online exposure and minimize your attack surface 

Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS 10 is ideal for anyone who wished to increase their digital security.  Though this work is primarily intended for iPhone users, all of the techniques are applicable to the iPad and iPod Touch.

By Justin Carroll