Your Ultimate Security Guide: Windows 7 Edition is intended to help the layman move beyond the basic computer security techniques and develop a comprehensive digital security perimeter. Written in plain English, Your Ultimate Security Guide: Windows 7 Edition takes a step-by-step approach to enhancing computer security with the most popular operating system in the world, Windows 7. Your Ultimate Security Guide will also help you reclaim some privacy on the internet. 

Though this book is centered around the Windows 7 operating system, most of the techniques provided in the book are applicable to all internet and computer users. Some of these techniques readers of this book will understand how to employ include how to:

  • Harden the Windows 7 operating system and use anti-virus applications to defend against common threats, 
  • Use password managers to create and use strong usernames and passwords, and different ones on each account, and employ two-factor authentication. 
  • Use checksums to verify the integrity of downloaded programs before trusting them. 
  • Use a multi-layered approach to encryption to secure your important files and backups. 
  • Securely delete files and clean your system to defend it against forensic attacks and keep it running at peak performance. 
  • Lock down your Wi-Fi network and secure your internet traffic using best practices, virtual private networks, and Tor. 
  • Protect your sensitive online accounts through a comprehensive, systematic approach, and employ best practices to lower online exposure and minimize attack surface



By Justin Carroll